Meridian Stress Assessment

Everyone is affected to some degree by their environment – foods, allergens, chemicals, toxins, parasites, viruses, bacteria and other environmental factors all affect each of us in different ways. If you suffer from muscle pain, brain fog, sleep issues, rashes, nerve pain or headaches, BioMeridian testing may help you discover the sources of your ailments.

On your first visit with New Hope Natural Wellness, we’ll conduct a thorough review of your health history and conduct a 58-point MSA (Meridian Stress Assessment) BioMeridian test.

BioMeridian testing is a noninvasive method used to assess the energy meridians of the body. It assesses your body’s organs, systems and their relation functions determining if they are stressed, balanced or weakened.

This testing will reveal if you have specific sensitivities to foods, molds, pollens and other environmental toxins. The results of your BioMeridian test and your health profile will be used to develop a customized nutritional plan including dietary recommendations (which may include ketogenic or yeast free diets) and a supplement regimen to help bring your stressed body back to balance.

Your Path To Wellness

How long will your wellness journey take? Like everything in life, it depends. For many a visit to New Hope Natural Wellness kicks off a lifelong health journey. The most intense re-balancing usually occurs within the first six to 12 months, but this absolutely depends on your personal situation and health history, and we’ll discuss your personal outlook as part of the first appointment. Achieving health goals usually takes 12 months or longer. When we first begin we are working at a cellular level to get to every layer of the body. This is digestive work along with diet change to achieve the most optimal health.