Infrared Sauna Sessions

Our infrared sauna is an effective tool for natural healing and prevention. Using patented 3-in-1 near/mid/far infrared wavelengths to penetrate skin, muscle and deep tissue – it’s the only sauna on the market to provide all three infrared wavelengths in one place.

Our infrared sauna is an effective tool for natural healing and prevention. Infrared light has the ability to penetrate human tissue, which in turn produces a whole host of benefits including:

Detoxification: Sweating is good for you. It is the body’s safe and natural way to heal and stay healthy.

Relaxation: Unlike traditional saunas which operate at extremely harsh temperatures, infrared is a gentle, soothing and therapeutic heat that promotes relaxation and improved sleep.

Weight Loss: As the body works to cool itself, there is a substantial increase in heart rate, cardiac output and metabolic rate, causing the body to burn more calories.

Pain Relief: Infrared sauna heat penetrates tissue, joints and muscles to relieve anything from minor aches and pains to chronic pain conditions such as fibromyalgia.

Improved Circulation: Heating the muscles with infrared rays produces an increase in blood flow similar to that seen during exercise. Regular infrared sauna use – especially in the mid infrared range – can significantly stimulate blood flow up to twice the normal rate.

Wound Healing: Scientific research has concluded that near infrared therapy greatly enhances the skin’s healing process by promoting faster cell regeneration and human tissue growth. Human cell growth increases to repair wounds and prevent infection.

Cell Health, Muscle Recovery & Immunity: Near infrared light therapy stimulates the circulatory system and more fully oxygenates the body’s cells. Better blood circulation means more toxins flow from the cellular level to the skin’s surface to improve cell health, aid in muscle recovery and strengthen the immune system.


Introductory Session: $20
Single Person: $35
Additional Person: $10

4 Session Package: $100
8 Session Package: $180
Unlimited Monthly (only charged for 1 month at a time): $130
Unlimited Monthly Couple: $200
Recurring Monthly (Automatic withdrawal is set-up): $120/month
Recurring Monthly Couple: $190